In the very centre of Prague, near the Powder Gate and Nám?stí Republiky, there is a multi-functional space which combines architecture, design, and contemporary art.

Marek Habr and Jirí Kucera, two architects with a sense for business and cultivated taste, combined their visions, so that the architects and their valued clients can introduce themselves to casual visitors through the means of curated exhibitions, in which they present the most interesting aspects of Czech art and authorial design in confrontation with architecture, in order to show that art, since ancient times, has been used for purposes of decoration-whether indoors or outdoors- and not just as part of empty exhibition halls. "The artists with whom we collaborate also simultaneously create works in public spaces which solve a variety of spacial interference," says Pavla Zámecníková of the multi-purpose space.
"The artists, whom we exhibit in the Kvalitár gallery, we have observed for a while. Our exhibitions are subject to a high level regard the selection of artists, which guarantees outstanding quality. With regular exhibitions we endeavour to present different talents from the domestic scene across the categories of generation and style. In the gallery we present works from artists, who have already established themselves at home as well as in the international arts' scene and who have already established strong positions. The works which can be purchased in Kvalitár are good investments, due to the fact that their value will more than likely increase in the future. The price of the work grows continually over time and reflects the current economic, political or social events," adds exhibition coordinator Pavla Zámecníková.
That art can fulfil multiple functions, including as an investment, proves how smoothly the banked collection of Kvalitár has been reimbursed, while the studio itself became the place of regular meetings of the studio's architects as well as negotiations and meetings with clients. "We won't prevent people from outside from meeting with our important clients, because in this, we see the potential for collaboration. Just contact us," says Marek Habr, one of the owners of Kvalitár. As a matter of course, they use expert services that are perfectly comparable to those of foreign galleries. "Short term loans of works of art for various purposes or tests are integral parts of our services. A good gallery owner does not pressure the customer, and this goes all the more so for buying on the spot, where a person will be regularly confronted with the work. The customer has to live with the work, not compete with it. So one can quite easily verify whether he or she has chosen properly," Jana Bernartova is describing her experience as a curator for visual arts.

And why buy art in Prague? "We see from history how Czech art played a large role in the creation of the history of art. František Kupka ranks next to Mondrian, Malevich, and Kandinsky among the greatest founders of European abstract painting. The works of Toyen (née Marie Cerminová) are currently among the most expensive works of art on the global art market," added the curator.
From the functionalist furniture of icons of design like Eileen Grey, Mies van der Rohe, and others whom architect Jirí Kuceraera has joyfully collected over several years and made part of exhibitions of design, the upcoming season will focus on the future and Kvalitár will offer designers a unique space for the realization of custom installations, which are exemplified by the exhibition of luxurious carbon objects- suitcase from Procházka Luggage and furniture from Petr Demek, whose productions border on jewellery. From middle of January to middle of March the showroom space will be given to Narki Roman Kvita and Dominik Behal, two designers creating furniture combined with art. The schedule of artistic exhibitions includes Václav Krucek's project called dureé that will last until the end of January. This will be followed by an exhibition of "geometric" Michal Škoda until the end of March.

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Petr Dub, Name: Between the floow and the wall
Size: 257x64, Photo: Zdenek Porcal

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Josef Mladejovský, Name: Monoskop
Size: 150x150cm, Photo: Zdenek Porcal

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Josef Mladejovský, Name: Monoskop
Size: 150x150cm, Photo: Zdenek Porcal