The craft of the Czech glass-making masters that has been perfected for centuries and passed from one generation onto the next, from fathers to sons, introduces iself in a new light fitting series, designed not only for the modern household. Based on original principles and honest values, the first lifestyle line named Solitaires Collection emerged from the PRECIOSA Lighting glassworks this year.

Together with prominent Czech designers, the PRECIOSA Lighting brand is deepening the Czech glass' renomé and introduces to the world a forthcoming generation of production in an up-to-date line of light objects. The collection of seven completed projects so far was visually boosted by Bet Orten, the fashion photographer and London College of Fashion graduate, who gave comment on this work: "The photograph cycle evolved for days. We called it the work "from the magic hour to the magic hour", from dusk till dawn - because the light conditions are crucial when shooting light objects. We strived for authenticity and therefore came the idea of the wooden structure, with which we moved through the landscape and photographed the objects in it". The individual designs were created with the Czech designer elite with the likes of Eva Eisler, Jakub Berdych (Qubus), Jaroslav Bejvl Jr., Klára Šumová or BOA design.

The custom-made objects that made the brand renowned became the jewels of luxury residences all over the world through the centuries, even as early as the time of the so-called Terezian chandeliers. Made for the occasion of Marie Terezie's coronation in the 18th Century, these chandeliers decorate the premises of the Prague Estates Theatre, the residence of the Mayor of Prague or the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The PRECIOSA products span as far as The Emirates Palace hotel, which elite premises boast more than 850 light objects. The greatest pride of the PRECIOSA Lighting brand so far is the largest crystal installation in the world in the palace of Caliph bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of SAE. Among the publicly known clients of the brand belong the hotels of the likes of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, the fashionable Parisian Shangri-La Hotel, the Intercontinental Puxi hotel in Shanghai, or the luxurious casino and hotel Pallazo in Las Vegas.

PRECIOSA Lighting manages to combine the tradition with the vision and new technologies, and the brand's significance is intensified by the fact that its production scale and 600 employed experts makes it, without a doubt, the main bearer of the tradition of the Crystal Valley region, the cradle of the Czech glass industry.
The collection examples were put into the prestigious annual publication 1000 models by L'officiel, "the souls" by Eva Eisler were awarded in the EDIDA contest and this spring saw the brand's head designer Jaroslav Bejvl Jr. receive the HD Awards prize for the Muutos light fittings. Last but not least, for the quality execution of presentations in the cooperation with the Vasku&Klung architects at the Milano and Vienna exhibitions, PRECIOSA received the Red Dot Design Award.

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