The twenty-second edition of Artissima is closed out, the International Fair of Contemporary Art. It is the largest festival in Turin dedicated to Contemporary Art, which has animated as every year, the cultural life of the entire city starting from the exhibition hall. During the four days of the event (one reserved for insiders, three for the public) Artissima has reached the total of 52.000 visitors, two thousand more compared to the edition of 2014. Artissima is continuing its path of growth, qualitative and quantitative, which we can notice each and every year.

With its ability of setting new goals and reaching accomplishments in unknown areas – while at the same time maintaining and consolidating its identity – Artissima keeps being the most interesting event of contemporary art, that manages to engage not only the interest of insiders and fans, but also public. The 207 participating galleries, including 66 Italian and 141 foreign, emerging or already well-established, which have animated the six fair's sections, come from 35 countries, for a total share of almost 70% foreign participants. The quality level offered by the exhibitors at the fair was high, the stand's focus was often a project regarding editing, as for the section Back to the Future, which this year focused on the 1975-1985 decade earning acknowledgement and admiration. Likewise, Present Future proved itself to be geographically divergent and because of the work of 20 suggested artists, overflown with variety. Not to be forgotten, Per4m, born in 2014 and dedicated to performance, this year has definitely conquered the audience and has rewarded a truly innovative section – the first of its kind in the world – with a noticeable participation in all the events. Once again, Artissima proved itself as a fundamental meeting for the international art milieu and also in 2015 – thanks to the virtuous circle she is surrounded by due to her diversified and innovative program, but also her 'silent' preparatory work – led in the city many world's most prestigious custodians and museum directors, 50 of which are directly involved in the various initiative of the Fair (through committees, juries, walkie talkies, etc.). What has mostly characterized this year's edition might have been the act of collectionism, that was the hearth of the fair. The city of Turin has seen a large influx of collectors and acquisition managers from all over the world – with a significant number of inflow from South America, USA and Asia.

The fair, in this year's edition, has done a marvellous job to enhance the growth of the relationships network, putting in contact collectors with artists and gallery owners, but also with the public: important collectors have been personally involved in Walkie Talkies, the famous fair walks alongside the great editors from all around the world. Surrounded by the same atmosphere is the visionary project Opium Den, with which the artist-collector invited by Artissima as the editor in charge of the project, Maurizio Vetrugno, was able to transform the Vip Lounge of Artissima in a sumptuous essay about collecting: furthermore the exhibition "Inclinazioni", managed by Stefano Collicelli Cagol, the space reserved for the presentations of public and private collections of Piedmont, this year has expanded into a real high-profile exhibition. Moreover, an outstanding success were also the other newness that have marked this particular edition: from the initiatives for the public as the Ypsilon St'Art Trails at the fair, a free-of-charge program of theme visits at the stands of the galleries, designed to minimize the distance between contemporary art and public, all the way up to the program of UniCredit Art Advisory, first free and independent consultation service for new art collectors in Italy. Conclusively, an important chapter was represented by the presence of numerous awards. Some of which historical, that have become a true springboard for young emerging talents, and others of more recent introduction, which have turned on the spotlights on some excellences present at Artissima. This year's editions has accomplished six rewards, tagged along to the reiteration of Turin's dedications to search and promote young talents.

By the end of the manifestation, Sarah Cosulich said: "In the past four years Artissima has carried out one specific project, focusing on choices that made the event recognizable for its uniqueness and diversity. I therefore thank the Turin's institutions who decided to put their trust in me four years ago, and who in these years have not failed in their support. Today I am convinced that Artissima is a fair that has not reached yet the end of its growth, that is yet to experiment new formulas and encounter new territories to conquer. By continuing the hard work on the specific identity and by defining precise targets, there is much left to be achieved. " Patrizia Asproni, the President of the foundation of Turin's museums commented: "Artissima has confirmed the area's ability to develop a strong cultural system in continuous growth, in an international perspective that marks not only the fair but the entire work of the Turin's Museum Foundation. This year, the city's museum are part of Artissima, thanks to an even more accurate collaboration between the Foundation and the contemporary art fair, integrated into a single structure. All of this proves that in the city of Turin are being formed linked and mutually reinforcing worlds."

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