Already very well known in Czech Republic, they just got awarded by Czech Grand Design 2014, and selected to be present at the Mercedes-Benz supported Shooting Fashion Stars and Malaysia Fashion Week 2013. You would find their clothes in the closets of topmodels such as Karolina Kurkova or Sasha Melynchuk

When combined, the creation becomes rebellious, spiritual, and fearless, describing the perspective of each designer and this is how LaFormela comes to life. While the brand's creation is unquestionably authentic, it bases its artistic reflection on history and life of subcultures. The designers strive to give independence to people who crave luxury but they are in need to create a new alternative, and a unique version of extravagant clothing. LaFormela offers these exclusive, quality alternatives.

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What do you think that's good about your creations?
Its the three of us so we can explore the topic into the deepest details. Thanks to that we can look at it from three different views. We know how to combine exaggeration with wearability, which helps the customer to stay authentic but to feel confident about the way she is in reality.

What did, in your life, influenced this kind of style?
The fact of not being compromised by fashion and its stubbornness. We are following what we want and we make no concessions. We would like also to mention that we are getting influenced by fashion looks and various combinations from the street and clubbing.

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How you see the upcoming seasons trends?
Fashion is not about the perfection anymore, it starts being more about nature and imperfection. Just what we always wanted!

What do you think it's going to be your path in the fashion industry?
We want to push the boundaries of our work and make more and more experiments in order to not only dress people but to entertain them at the same time.

Which are the main difficulties and the main advantages that fashion meets in the internet world?
What happens is that you can find potential competitor online. Someone who you figure out that got inspired or copied your idea or, on the opposite, you can be told that you are the one who did that. It's crucial to be well aware of that and to make proper researches in order not be attacked by the claim that we are doing something which has already been done. On the other hand, for a contemporary fashion brand not very well known or famous yet, it just offers amazing opportunities to show to the customers and to followers who we really are and what we really do and that's a way to extend the public! It's just awesome how you can discover every day something new or how, for example, you can see someone wearing our clothes and surprisingly find a source of an inspiration in this person!

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Could you introduce the recent AW 2015-16 collection, please?
The collection is made of characteristically layered models. One distinctive element, appearing often in the collection, is a plissé made of visually imitating leather or metal components material. The mirrored colours used are coal, precious stones or diamonds. The colours range from the gemstone shades of ruby, to emerald, diamonds or malachite. We focused on combination of matt and gloss while choosing the materials for the collection, to evoke the appearance of precious stones and their cut. The message of the whole collection contains information from a slovakian movie about living in the mountains and alpinism, called Medena vez (The Copper Tower), which also inspired the collection. That can be mostly seen in the details made of ropes, snap-links and mountain climbing backpacks. The lightness of the pieces is suppressed by noticeable stationary cut parts, which made their first appearance in our work too.

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