Russian star on the french haute couture constellation doesn't stop to fascinate and for this fall-winter 2016 she presents her "Winter Flowers". Born in Paris, the host city of fashion and design, the collection is imbued with the spirit of French allure. Organza, silk, crochet knitting, fur combined amazingly in a soft, at the same time, confident looks.

Translucent intriguing dresses and absolutely daring leather trousers. Delicate floral décor and insanely sexy cuts. Looks with fur deserve a special attention. Fox and Minks fur seem very airy and allow viewers to enjoy the aesthetics of Parisian chic and aristocracy, the colours attract the eye with its depth and richness. The freshness of spring is already felt today! Purposeful, fearless, a woman competing with men in all endeavors, defeats him with her femininity. Whatever difficulties she meets, she always remains tender, romantic dreamer. This is a Svetlana Kushnerova woman.

Designer Svetlana Kushnerova received specialized education in Düsseldorf and in 2011 founded her own brand Sweet Dream, now - Svetlana Kushnerova. Despite the fact that she lives and works in Germany, the headquarters of the company is Paris. Brand, the distinctive feature of which is the elegance of lines and hand-made details, is loved by the admirers of exquisite outfits, not only in Europe and Russia, but also in Singapore. Fabulous dresses have already appeared in the pages of VOGUE, InStyle, OK and other authoritative publications, and also became the breaking sensation on such famous events such as the Russian Kinotavr.

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Svetlana, what inspired you for the collection?
Life itself! To live fully each moment, close people, nature.
Tell us about the process of creating the collection.
It sounds paradoxically, but many images are already swirling in my head. When it comes to time to work on a new collection, I have no choice but to put them on paper and work out the details. I see looks at once, with accessories and shoes. Sometimes the image begins with them.

What is important to you when creating a garment?
I try to create comfortable clothes and shoes, after all, feeling really convenient, a woman can impress her own. Now it is the lack of time, permanent dead-lines just need to be combined with the image of practicality and beauty in the modern world.

Who for you is the standard in the fashion world?
Actually, I'm a big fan of Karl Lagerfeld. In his 81 years, he is incredibly modern. Real Creator constantly feels and sets the tone for society.

You passed a huge way from the fashion week in Kazakhstan to the Paris haute couture collections. What differs in the work in Europe and on the Asian podiums?
Fashion in Europe is on a completely different level, has a long history. Naturally, there are much much more “gourmets” and connoisseurs in this field than on the Asian market. Although there are real experts also on the East. Europeans are more open to collaboration and cooperation. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with initially warm acceptance of critics and, of course, struck with so positive reviews
Russian spirit is read in each of your creations.
How often do you visit hometown?
At the moment I live in Paris, Moscow and Munich, where possible I come to Kostanay. Of course, I miss home, but having lived for ten years in Germany, I already want to identify myself to the Europeans. But Russian character is ineradicable and even a different culture is not able to change it. In some situations still do not understand the Germans. For me the "our" is much more sensitive... emotional. Of course sometimes I hit very various attitude to mundane things.
Kostanay is a quite small town, now you closer to life in the urban jungle or in the provincial peace?
In a constant stream it is very easy to disguise, no time to stop and think, we must always run somewhere. Again in peace and quiet, when there is an atmosphere of calm, the desire to create and the inspiration do come.
What is the main thing for you in the work?
Probably, the process, when you start with something small, and get with full self-dedication something extraordinary. Without a doubt, my family supports me and gives me the energy to work, "filling" me with emotions, inspiring on creativity experiments. Family is your “back” which is not depending on life situation will be a moral support.
What advice can you give to budding designers?
Be creative, dream, be yourself! Generally in life, it is always hard to start, you may constantly need some kind of kick from the side, as it is usually said. Yes, partly, but harder to stay afloat, continue to be popular and in demand. Sometimes the action itself gives birth to great ideas.
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