Olga Shutieva , an ukrainian  - or, more precisely half Ukrainian, half Russian - professional model, she's been living in Italy for five years.
Tell us something about your beginning in the world of photography how was it? How did you feel the day of your first photo shoot?

Actually I never thought about modeling as an actual career for me, I always had the feeling that it was a very superficial kind of profession, I thought that the best thing was to earn money by using the brain (and I still believe it), but one day my brother insisted and took me to an agency ( a fashion agency in Ukraine) and they sent me to Moscow to take the first shots. It was my very first experience and I have to say I liked it, I don't remember exactly the way I felt, it was something new and fun for me, and when I realized that it was really possible to also earn good moneyI kept doing photo shoots (clothing) for about six months. After that I had to make a choice: to study or to keep modeling, and I chose the studies. So, after leaving Ukraine and this profession , I just arrived in Italy, and I have been discovered by an agency of Bologna that made me back on truck . Nowadays it has become my job, I love it and I feel very lucky.


Your genres range from Art to Beauty, through Fashion and Glamour. In which one of these categories do you feel like you give more of yourself?

My favorite genre is Beauty, I believe that's my thing, and  portraits are the thing that characterize more the subject. I like Fashion very much, because it's  various and never boring neither easily granted; Glamour is not that much my thing, I don't feel fit to this genre, although I have it in my portfolio some Glamour photos .

In your opinion, how much important is the erotic component in photography?

Well, let's say that is not the first thing that captures me in a picture, I believe it's necessary to be able to measure it out, because an excessive dose of erotism could definitely ruin a photo, making it to appear trash, which is just unbearable for my taste.

Photography is a passion, is totally a "get in the game". But how do you feel by posing in front of a a lens ? Do you kind of have fun, do you feel excited, you see it like a challenge, or... anything else?

I guess I'm passionate about photography, I like to pose, it amuses me and gives me satisfaction, then for me there is no difference between posing in front of a lens or a photographer even if, in this last case it becomes much more interesting and makes me feel more excited, it's like a refill of energy.


Which one of your work experiences was the most important?

I honestly don't know the answer to this question, I think that for me people I met while working are most important, those who influenced my vision of photography, who  shared their experiences with me, who helped me with some advice or just with a smile.

Are you satisfied with your career, or do you have any regrets?

I ask more and more to myself  and I have no regrets, I have never done anything against my will, but the thought that I could have done something better helps me to improve, cause I am very critical about myself.


Now, if you allowe it, we can try to pull a little out 'your character. Who is Olga Shutieva in everyday life?

I am a girl, "normal" like all the others, I go running to keep me fit and I move around the city by bus, to make me happy I only need an ice cream, I do not have many demands.

How your being a woman makes your vision of the world?

In the world of fashion and art you meet many different people, who treat you in extravagant ways, sometimes you just can't catch the differences between a man and a woman, but this is the nice of  the world, the "being different".


A jump to the future. What do you expect from  2015?

From 2015 I expect many positive things in work, I hope to grow, to improve and to learn more and more, I hope to meet people and to have exciting new experiences and fun, and I hope to always have the support of the people who are beside me.

We just came to the end. Olga, I thank you also on the behalf of SHOT magazine readers for your  kindness and your time, giving us the chance to discover different sides of your personality that  through (only) photography it wasn't possible to get. I warmly greet you , hoping that, in the future, it's gonna be the chance to have you back with us as our guest .