Don't think about Alexander Duthie as the stereotype of the "beauty without the essence" type. Alexander Duthie is a handsome, charming, intelligent young man. He is a model, actor, poet: an artist. Here's what he told us about himself.

Profession: Model |Vocation: Acting  |Passion: Poetry

"To fight when all have lost faith and keep your mind true.
Is all the world can ask for the right to lead you.
As we are one and one are few.
My mind is my own, my heart too.
In it is my sight, the future I wish be.
For the world a better place my eyes do see."

Extract from the poem I.M by Alexander Duthie

How was the road to the beginning of your career?
I grew up in the north east of Scotland in a town called Peterhead. It is on the coast surrounded by cliffs and is a majestic place. My family lineage is very orientated with the sea with all of my ancestors being fisherman. The landscape is breathtaking with the rolling dunes and the beaches but still it's Scottish weather so Its cold. I studied at a small school outside of Peterhead called Longhaven primary school, where only around 100 pupils attended, but I had great teachers and mostly enjoyed my time there. I was more of an individual at the school, I guess I have always been the odd one out or different but it gave me time to think what I wanted from life. I began secondary school and once completing my examinations I studied at university completing an honours degree in business management with marketing. When I reflect on my time at school I didn't think I would ever become a model, I just fell into the role. I felt I was an odd looking teenager growing up so I am grateful I grew into my self getting older.

When you were very young, what did you dream of? How did you imagine your life as an adult at that time?
When I was very young, I wanted to make a positive impact on the world. I didn't know how and am still figuring out what the right path to take is. I had a realisation that every positive act would go onto make a bigger impact, so I just try to be the best version of myself and love with an honest heart. This is not easy all the time life challenges you, but I hope I inspire people through my poetry and be in the position to help if I can. I can only say I like to live for the moment.

We usually see the fashion world under the perspective of female models. How is your experience, as a male model?
I think being a male model can have its challenges, like any job. Sometimes you can meet the most inspiring people and others you wonder why they are in the industry. Occasionally I feel people use brands as a status symbol and don't recognise them as pieces of art or the quality of the garment or the way it is made. Fashion is for everyone, but sometimes to support an artist's great work it must be marketed to a point of self actualisation which a consumer desires. I am still debating with myself is this the way it should be? Love is equal and if luxury designers create what they love, why do they need to make it unobtainable.
A very close friend of mine – a fashion designer – told me that he admires a lot the work of models because sometimes, during the FW catwalks, you wear small shoes or uncomfortable outfits. He saw models with bleeding feet that kept working without showing pain. How do you reach such a level of professionalism? Did anything like that ever happen to you?
It's a satisfying experience helping create the image a designer has envisioned to become their piece of art, and am humbled when chosen to help create the art. Of course a high level of professionalism is expected in any job. These designers have poured their heart, soul and finances into a collection, it is our job to deliver the product to their standards and show their creations in the best way possible.
Social media, the internet, followers, friends. What do you think about the future of the fashion industry now that everything is under the judgement of basically everyone in this world?
I think social media has put more pressure on designers, they are more exposed to their audience. Anyone can post or tweet their praise or criticism about a collection. For one house to do 8 shows a year is immense pressure and to remain in budget. I witnessed a close friend of mine go through the process of showing at Paris couture fashion week and it is an incredible amount of work to initiate. I hope in the future designers will design based on their own creativity and vision not to be controlled by social media.
In your opinion, what makes a person sexy?
I think what makes humans sexy is not only their appearance but their energy. There is always a physical attraction, but to go beyond physical appearance allows a deeper involvement of emotion which awakens the feeling we get when we gaze at the stars. The most attractive thing I feel a person can do is to trust each other with their heart and believe in that moment their bond is unbreakable.
You are an artist, not only a model. You write poems so... Who are your inspiring poets and writers?
I write poetry and act. The person who inspired me to write poetry was my nana being a poet herself and a widely influential women. She is an inspiration in her own right. My poems come from a place in me where the emotion is so strong it needs to be shared with others. One of the greatest discoveries of my life is that moments must be shared to continue to inspire, provoke thoughts and make emotions arise which people didn't know they can feel. There is nothing more admirable than to share your inspiration and not be afraid to do so.
Do you have any tips for our readers that want to come to London? I mean, your favourite shop, market, brand, bar, club, park... Everything you like is a good suggestion for us!
Sure look me up and I shall give them a tour around London. In the meantime I like to go for tea a lot with my friends and I walk a lot. I go to the Wolseley on Piccadilly for scones and earl grey. I like to keep my tea spots a mystery or I will never get a table, but the rosewood high tea is very good. Markets to go to are borough market and Broadway's market they are my favourite. There is a good bread making class in borough market at bread ahead. If you like flowers you would buy them at Colombia road market and Portobello road have this amazing cheese stall called "une normande a Londres". My favourite parks are Hampstead Heath it is a nice get away when you need some fresh air and Kensington Gardens are nice to run around. I normally drink whiskey, one of the bars in the east to go to is the Night Jar. If you like something more private there is the punch room at the Edition Hotel in front of the fire. Enjoy your time in London, life can be an exciting adventure you just need to take the first step.
Thank you Alexander, it was a pleasure to have you with us at SHOT magazine.
Thanks to you!
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