Alice Peneaca. Remember this name and open it on Instagram. You'll see a beautiful girl coming straight from Transylvania, who has a bright future in front of her. She is based in Milan, and here we proudly show you the exclusive interview she gave us.

Tell us about the beginning of your career: did you expect you would have become so popular?
I didn't even thought about being a model. It all came up one day, when someone saw me and asked me if I wanted to pass by at their models agency, and I said yes!
You were a ballerina as a child, did you want to be a famous dancer? What was your biggest dream as a kid?
I loved doing ballet, but I was dreaming of becoming a doctor or a criminal specialist! So far away from this world! But someone told me that I still have time to change my mind! (smile)

What is the most intense/beautiful experience you lived in your fabulous life?
I still have a lot to live, and I think the most beautiful I will have is when I give birth. Till now, the one that I consider to be the most intense is the experience of love: to love and to be loved!

I read somewhere that you have a passion for cinema and you want to be an actress: who are your myths in the industry?
I acted already, but then I decided to focus on my modelling career for now, as this can be done only when you're young. My husband is my "stimulus"!!!

What do you like the most in being a model?
I always thought that travelling was one of the best things to do in life. So the modelling came as a perfect puzzle piece for my experiences! I like to meet new and different people, and get to know every different personality.
I'm completely absorbed in the "new generation" stuff - which includes social media - and how this can help you, especially in my case!
Did you ever receive an "indecent proposal"?
Only from my husband! (she smiles)

How much did your life change since you got married?
Not at all, actually except my last name... Anything else changed!

Who is the photographer you worked better with? And the one you always admired?
Vincent Peters! He's one of the great photographers I've worked with and I had a lot of fun during the shooting! Helmut Newton, but sadly... It's too late!

How is your relationship with social media?
Instagram and I developed a very nice relationship! (she laughs) At the moment, I'm the one who's using my IG account and to be honest, I wouldn't let anybody else do it for me, because I enjoy it too much!
Tell me your idea/vision of what beauty is.
A beautiful mind and soul is what makes you beautiful!
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Interview Shot Magazine Alice Peneaca
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