Hello Kerstin welcome to SHOT magazine and thank you for your availability to be with us.
Thanks SHOT.

You’re a model from the age of fifteen; does this mean not living your life like any other person of your age?
My parents just let me model as a hobby. I still had to go to school and stay in Switzerland. I really enjoyed my teen age time. I was a high jumper and loved doing sport next to the modeling.

How do you live with the fame you have especially after having won the title of Miss Switzerland 2010?
I have to say, it isnt easy. where ever you go all the people are talking about you and are looking.
My mum doesnt want to go shopping with me because she feels embarassed:) but I also have to say in Switzerland it isnt so bad. you get used to it. and they just look and dont bother you.

Let’s go back to the night when you became the most beautiful woman of your native land. You said it was difficult to understand why you were chosen to be Miss Switzerland? What do you remember of that night now?
The night of my crowning was amazing and I will never forget it. We all worked so hard for that night. to her my name was incredible.
I had so many emotions at once. I was relieved that we know who the Miss is but at the same time I was nervous because my life is just about to change. I just couldnt believe it and also had to cry :) I will never forget all my friends and family that supported me all the way.

Looking at your portfolio, I noticed your flexibility to interpret what is being asked of you: from Beauty to Glamour, and from Lingerie to Fashion. In which one of these styles do you feel most comfortable and represents your personality the best?
Modeling is very difficult. you need to fit into any role. I really like beeing sporty and romantic but my role is beeing elegant. everybody always told me how elegant I walk and also when I am doing sport.

What do you think about the world of fashion, photography, and entertainment of your country? Do you find any differences with other European realities?
We do have a lot of showbiz but it isnt anything against other countries. Switzerland is just too small and we dont have many good Photographers. but we can earn a lot of money. You can work very good as a Miss because its a big thing in SWitzerland.

You are of English origin, but you lived most of your life in Switzerland. Do you feel more English or more Swiss and where would you like to live the most?
I have both inside me. Switzerland is my home. All my relatives live in England. I am always very professional and on time. I would say that is my Swiss side. I am very sarcastic and I would say thats my english side.

You are studying physiotherapy and biology; do you think that this will be your future?
I have been working with a help organization named Ocean Care so I have been helping a lot. I will be studying Environmental studies in October. I want to help the world.

After the political elections in Switzerland, of female majority, you said it was not a matter of which sex you are to conduct a country, but of the attitude of the people in wanting to do things. Do you think that this philosophy can apply to every aspect of life?
Yes I really think this is important. to me it doesnt matter if you are black or white, man or woman, small or tall. Important is what you do. your actions and what you say.

In Munich a few months ago Frank Lampard raised the Champions League Cup towards the sky as the captain of the Chelsea League. How did you celebrate as a big fan of the “Blues”?
My dad is a huge Chelsea fan. I took me to mny football games when I was a little girl. so of course I am also a big fan. I was in a pub in Luzern with my dad and we both were covered in blue. We were very happy they won.

Even if you are so young many of your dreams have become reality. Which desire would you like to become reality in the future?
I am very proud of what I achieved. as I was very young my family didnt have a lot of money so I had to work hard for all I have got.
My next goal is to help other people and just be happy with my life.

Kerstin, thanks you in having participated in this encounter pleasantly, telling us many details of your life. SHOT magazine wishes you good luck both for your professional and private life in hopes that we will meet again.
Thank you soo much for the nice interview!!
Love from Kerstin Cook

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