Today we are proud to share with you an incredible band: the Sunset Sons. The group, formed of four musicians, Rory Williams, Jed Laidlaw, Robin Windram and Pete Harper, is a rock/indie band, and their debut album "Very rarely say die" was released on 1 April 2016. They will be in Milan next week, on May 3th at Biko, 22:00.

Here we have our delightful chat with the drummer, Jed. Enjoy!

How do your songs come to life? From the conception to the final result, I mean. Is it there one that you are particularly bonded to and why?
We write together in a circle. We just jam on ideas until something cool happens. We're all pretty proud of what we do and songs only come to life if we all like an idea. At the moment, Lost Company is my favourite song on the album.

About your music influences and inspiration: who were your teenage idols and what inspires you? Places, art, fragrances, seasons...
We all love different bands and artists. When I was growing up, there was always music on in the house. Springsteen, Tom Petty, Dylan…all the best, really. We write songs about experiences. We've all been living the same life for a little while now so we are on the same page. I like the smell of the ocean.

Tell us how was the experience you lived with the Imagine Dragons at The Smoke-Mirror Tour. The huge arenas, the big crowd...
The Imagine Dragons tour was unreal for us. Just playing to tens of thousands of people every night was such a fantastic opportunity to get the band out there. Our songs seemed to fill those big spaces pretty well. We learned to slow down a little and take our time and enjoy the show. The Imagine Dragons guys and their crew are great, we had an awesome time with them.

If you were asked to choose three artists/bands to collaborate with, who would you pick and why?
The War on Drugs are amazing. I'd love to see what would happen with that. And we've been on tour with Louis Berry. He's a singer from Liverpool and just has the best vibe. I'm not sure who else… MJ?

What do you like to do in your free time? Any fun, dangerous, crazy or maybe lazy hobby?
We all love to surf. That’s how we met and why we live where we do. Good food and wine is always a winner too.

Have you ever experienced a weird or embarrassing moment with your fans?
There's always something at every show that makes me smile. The weirdest: a guy once saw Rory queuing for the bathroom in a bar at one of our shows and offered his mouth so that he didn't have to wait in line…

The best thing ever happened to you so far.
Glastonbury was the highlight for me. We played pretty early on the John Peel stage on the Saturday and couldn’t believe how many people came to see us. The tent was so packed by the time we finished, and to top it off Micheal Eavis watched our set from the side of the stage. He had some really kind words after also. Doesn’t get much better for a new band than that!

Artistically speaking, try to make an imaginary time travel ten years in the future, how do you see yourselves?
I'd like to think we'll still be making records and playing shows. A nice beach house would be cool too.

It was a huge pleasure for us to meet the Sunset Sons. The interview has been made in collaboration with two wonderful rock reporters, Vania and Martina Belli. Thanks to them both!

If you still don't have the tickets, you can purchase the 3rd of May concert in Milan at Biko club at 22:00 here:


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