Pryma is part of McIntosh Group, one of the largest High-End audio companies in the world including prestigious names such as Audio Research, McIntosh Laboratory, Sonus faber, Sumiko Subwoofers and Wadia Digital.


As part of this illustrious Group and thanks to that background, PRYMA combines electroacoustic knowledge, advanced technologies and top quality audio with made-in-Italy style and fashion.
The strongest belief of PRYMA is that what you wear and what you listen to has something to say about you - something you can identify with. With PRYMA you can wear something that reflects your style and your soul at the same time, something that immediately creates a unique look.

PRYMA 0|1 is the first headphones 100% handmade in Italy by Sonus faber with a keen attention to detail and the finest quality materials.
Built using the world-class speaker technology of Sonus faber, the excellence of Italian workmanship and quality that creates some of the most refined loudspeakers in the High End sector, these headphones are the first to offer unparalleled high end sound and ultimate made-in-Italy style.

PRYMA 0|1's innovative assembly and wiring systems create a headphone that is completely customizable. Thanks to the wiring system that allows direct signal input via two 2.5 mm jack plugs in each of the two ear cup, PRYMA 0|1 can be disassembled in all its parts, making it easy to store and carry, whether inside for convenience or outside for show. A Bluetooth cable is also available.

Each headphone features an Italian leather interchangeable headband, die-cast aluminum ear cup body and copper and stainless steel buckles.
An eye was kept on the world of fashion during the design of PRYMA. To ensure the excellence typical of Sonus faber finishes, McIntosh Group partnered with a number of workshops in Vicenza, Italy. These workshops typically specialize in manufacturing leather items for Italy's most famous luxury brands. The quality is the same to what one would find on fashion's best handbags or watches.

The cushion is manufactured to ensure maximum comfort for the ear. PRYMA is the smallest over-the-ear headphone, with state-of-the-art acoustic reproduction for the best and most comfortable listening experience.
For the aluminum structures of the ear cup, Sonus faber collaborated with specialized engineers and technicians to obtain an excellent quality product that maintains its integrity use after use.
PRYMA 0|1 headphones are available in 7 distinct designs (Coffee & Cream, Pure Black, Heavy Gold, Rose Gold & Dark Grey, Carbon Marsala, Notte and Carbon Notte). Visit to check them all.

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