His images are full of strong feelings, even if they’re just pictures you could feel that sensation of a fist in the stomach and also the softest concepts can steal your eyes.

His images are full of strong feelings, even if they’re just pictures you could feel that sensation of a fist in the stomach and also the softest concepts can steal your eyes. You stay there, staring at those looks, those expressions, attitudes and bodies, because they’re bold, fascinating and they can read the most hidden part of you. He had important collaboration with brands as Levis, Swatch and Nokia and it has been published in many magazine. But now it’s our turn and it’s a privilege for me to interview this amazing photographer: Adrian Portmann.

Hi Adrian, how are you? We’re so glad to meet a photographer like you.
Fantasic! I was born healthy in the heart of Europe.
That means, I live a very privileged life. So how can I feel not...fantasic.

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Let’s start from the very beginning: how did you get on photography and which has been your first great experience in this field?
I was 16, drummer in a school band. We needed some pictures for a band competition and we couldn’t afford a professionel photographer.
This was my first experience as an image taker. By the way, the band split after the competition, but I don’t think because of my ugly pictures.

Most of your pictures represent strong women, sexy and self-confident. Is it how you think a woman should be?
NO - I think that’s what every woman realy is. My part as an artist is to find the right way and make all women show that part of theme.
And asking fort he backround of a woman. Women are the real social leaders. They are much stronger, they have much more social and emotianal understanding and competences. In many ways women are superior to men. And that’s just the way women are. So that means: to have all this strong attributes is nothing eals as to be feminim. And my images are a tribute to this.

Do you consider your photography also a vehicle to provoke the public (from the sexual and religious point of view)?
Provocation is a childish behavoir to check how far they can go. The things I take pictures off, escape deep down in my subconscious.
To take pictures means to give things a face or to form the molecules of an idea to a real thing. An other exercise and obligation for an artist should be to ask of the behind of things. And one of those things is religion. In the name of religion terrible violance has been done to human beings such as wars, expulsion, persecution, mass murders, torture and many other crimes against humanity. If religion would be a real face - I would puntch it!!

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Very few people talks about what happens in the backstages, where those beautiful pictures are shooted. How do you create the energy, which is predominant in your picture, in the sets?
RESPECT AND DO NOT TOUCH. It’s like respecting nature and all creatures around you. And so, they will unfold, taking they’re maskes down and show they’re true beauty. This beauty is what I’m looking for. To catch the pure person behind. Sometimes it’s just a little movement of a finger, of a look witch brings in the magic of a girl. Then I’ve got the perfect shoot.

Your photography is completed and really organic. Have you ever thought to experiment other kind of photography?
My pictures are taken intuitivly. I observe, I’m attentiv for tiny nuances. And true the deep of my self - it just happens. The „just“ is hard work. This is the way - no need for a change.

Where, how and with who do you see yourself in the future?
It’s such a bliss to be able to make free decisions and to have all opportunities. Don’t think to much about the future, live in the present.

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