Yeva Shiyanova, the pole dancer with millions of visualizations on You Tube. She participated in many talents, she was Georgia's Got Talent semi finalist and finalist of Romania's Got Talent, she is the girl who entertains with stunning pole performances by the use of flour, and now she reveals us something about herself, her life and her secrets to be sexy and beautiful.

Yeva, when and why did you become a pole dancer?
In my earlier years I used to do gymnastics, acrobatics and I had spent 7 years in a classic ballet school. I found my short spell in a ballet theatre extremely dull and thought of something different. Also, I injured my right feet and I decided to change points to high heels, ballet barre to pole. And I felt that I found my true self! For the last three years I've been developing my own dance style, which is aimed at the disclosure and discovery of femininity and sensuality.
What kind of daily routine do you perform to make every detail so perfect and visually amazing?
I workout minimum three times a week, also with my students to keep myself in shape and help other girls to become fitter, slimmer, more confident, more flexible, stretch and certainly be even sexier! When I have free time during my tour with performances and workshops I am trying to create new choreographies, shows and videos.
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Your performances with the flour are epic: where did the idea come from?
The idea came from the song of Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”. When I listened this track for the first time I realized that I wanted to create a choreography on this song. While I was creating it I have thought about the filming of a video. And I had this idea pictured in my mind: " I am waking up to ash and dust".
And what looks the same like ash? And flour was the answer so that's the way how I created this show. Your youtube videos got millions of visualizations. Did you expect this huge Social success?
My videos collected millions of views, as well as thousands of questions on how I keep myself fit, trained and flexible. I was very surprised at the beginning but I am so glad that it is like this now! It gives motivation to move forward and it also motivates other girls and women around the world!
Pole dancing and sex. Do you think that this association is a good or a bad thing for the movement? And how (if it did) the imaginary changed over the years? Pole dance and sex...
What can I say? For me they are extremely different! Not for anyone, unfortunately. Pole dance is a hard work! Really hard work! I am glad that nowadays people start to respect it! Because of the championships, because of other professional pole dancers, people can see how it is hard! And how it is beautiful, aesthetic and artistic! We are going in the right direction! Pole dance is sport! And I hope it will be at the Olympics soon!
According to you, what does a woman have to do to be sexy, desirable and fascinating?
Oh this is my favourite part of conversation! First of all women should be themselves! Yes! So simple and so hard at the same time. Just be yourself, don't try to be someone else. Love yourself! Then you will feel and see how sexy you are! How special you are! And when you are conscious of that, start to work on your body if you need it. I know a lot of exercises, but we'll talk about it later.
Have you ever received a kind of “indecent proposal” ? Tell us – if you have any - a fun, weird, nice fact happened in your career.
Oh my I am getting a lot of different kind of proposal every day. From "Marry me" to "I would give you the world as a gift". I got one crazy gift last summer, one admirer gifted me with a 7 days wonderful vacation at the Maldives and you know what? I still don't know who he is, it has been so nice and so surprising to receive that present for my birthday from Mr. Incognito. Thank you one more time whoever you are!
Let's talk about the fabulous high heels that you wear during the performances.?You don't just walk on it (which is a challenge itself), you use it for dancing. How long does it take to achieve that confidence and, who is your favourite shoes designer?
I am definitely in love with high heels! I can do everything on them: walking, dancing, running... probably that's why it is so easy and comfortable for me to do all my crazy acrobatics moves while wearing it. I love shoes, especially Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik! If we are talking about special dance high heels I prefer Pleasure USA and Echo of Hollywood.
Pole dance is a great way to be fit, and you decided to share your expertise to the world by making video lessons. Tell us more about your project and the crowd-funding campaign to start it.
All my experience and the desire to know my secrets of many women worldwide gave me the motivation to start my crowd-funding campaign in order to rely my first workout program Love Your Body. This program is not for professional dancers only but it is also designed for those who never did any dancing at all! Anyone could expect visible results having applied some effort. It is not just a set of physical exercises, which you can find plenty around. This set includes all the most valuable tips I gained through my extensive dancing/sporting experience, but pitched in a very feminine way. People will not only build/maintain the body of their dreams, but they will feel much more confident, and liberated and they will discover a new side of themselves! Moreover, this DVD is also thought for men who are looking to buy their ladies a nice gift. They might be pleasantly surprised with the result they'll get. I hope that my project I put all my heart in will be welcomed by many people, because I sincerely believe that feminine and happy women are the beauty of the world. Let's make this world beautiful and happy! After all, I believe that every woman is gorgeous, when she is feminine and confident!
Let us make this world more beautiful and happier! See more at:
Why should a person (who wants to get fit) choose the pole dance?
Dancing and pole dancing are the greatest way to improve yourself! Just try it and you'll see that I am right!
Say something to your fans: 
I want to say big "Thank you!" To everyone who like what I'm doing and supports me!
You know, sometimes it is really hard to stay focused to continue. It is hard not only physically but also emotionally. Sometimes it happens that I get really tired of everything and I think that I didn't do anything great at the end. But when I receive all your messages where you tell me how much you admire and support my creation flow, I understand why I am doing it! And I go forward! Thank you so much!!! I wish you all to find yourself in what you are doing! And be happy!
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