Walking through the winding streets of Old Prague, you could find the Anonymous bar. If you go there to find it, this may turn into a real challenge, because this is a very anonymous place...

Which totally justify its name, isn't it? Nestled in the courtyard of the XIV century building in the neighbourhood along with Peithner - Lichtenfels & ?ubrda gallery - it intrigues from the very beginning: there are images of Guy Fawkes, vintage heavy door... whatever it is, you'll be impressed.
The concept takes inspiration by the stories of three souls - Guy Fawkes, member of the Gunpowder plot, V from "V for Vendetta", David Lloyd's comics and the image of the hacker group "Anonymous", wearing a mask in sign of protest. Here you can find gorgeous cocktails, elegant and stylish bartenders, exquisite interior design, and, of course, unexcelled service.
Electro-swing, jazz, paintings of famous artists, antique furnishings create an atmosphere of a "Gallery of shadows", V's shelter.

Enjoy alcoholics produced only by original independent brands, and say no to the main-stream ones! This bar tries to maintain small companies with a long family history of production. For example, from the selection of vodka, it is impossible not to notice the Dutch "Ketel One" with three hundred year old tradition of production, with its noticeable floral notes and smoky tint at taste. For the gin collection the representatives of Czech market are many: OMG classic and special OMFG gin from family Žufánek, with herbal base and a great range of Mexican Damiana and lavender extracts.

At Anonymous bar you can find the "samovar", originally used to make tea here used to serve absinthe! You will be impressed with cocktails "Virus", "V's blood", a variation of the classics of19th and 20th century, as well as the special "operations" offered in the menu that can only be viewed under ultraviolet light. To be clear: here you will never find the usual Mojito and Manhattan!

Anonymous bar team, sophisticated in the "Mixology", will create a cocktail inspired by your preferences, without disclosing the secrets of this art. And, of course, nothing will come without a little magic! Bartenders often show you tricks, some even with drinks! The incredible charm of this place will forever steal your heart, and you feel like a part of something mysterious, anonymous...Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot...