Bangkok or Phuket? There are tons of differences yet there are many similarities. Many people will go on and say it’s the same country but if you’ve lived at different places in the same country, you certainly know what I’m talking about. Why is this... It all starts with you and your question. If this sounds weird, reading below will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

If you are an entrepreneur or business minded person then Bangkok is your choice “eyes closed”. It’s the epicenter of all business trends and new ideas. Bangkok will give you the opportunity to meet other interesting entrepreneurs almost in a daily basis while living in an infinite elegant environment at normal prices.
Bangkok has tons of places to visit from monuments to hotels, malls, parks, top-of-the-notch bar, clubs and luxurious restaurants. As long as you keep your range of activities around Sukhumvit, Asoke & PatPong (where the royals hangout) area you will definitely experience an extravagant lifestyle.

To sum up, Bangkok is a “westernized” metropolitan city where you can find everything while having the same “busy” attitude. Food is great, especially if you go on and try some local foods while the people are friendlier because they’ve been commuting with many foreigners in business and outside for a longer time.
Phuket On the contrary if you are looking to relax and enjoy a life filled with tropical scenarios, amazing beaches and elegant hotels with infinity pools overlooking the waves Phuket is your choice. Here it’s all about relaxation and things can be annoyingly slow most of the times.

In Phuket and the surrounding islands you can find some breathtaking scenarios that will make you feel like you are in a movie. From Phi Phi islands and Maya Bay (“The Beach”) to Big Buddha and Chalong Temple one thing is certain in Phuket you will spend way a lot of time exploring tropical places to eventually realize that there is no ending, literally...
Here you can find tons of luxurious hotel resorts with private beaches, pools in front of the beach or even inside the sea, a lot of great golf courses to visit and play as well as a pretty large audience of people competing in yachting. Private yacht cruises in Phuket is a must just imagine renting your own luxurious yacht and sailing out towards a private beach with your peers...

On the contrary with Bangkok, Phuket has 2 types of foreigners coming here so the entertainment around the island is separated accordingly. There are the infinite luxurious and elegant places to visit and there are also many famous nightlife locations in Patong area, so you can easily choose depending your mood.

To wrap up this article, I would go for both of them (as I’m) but you’ll have to ask yourself what are you really looking. Thailand is an amazing place to live as well as to visit...
- Permanent luxurious vacations = Phuket
- Infinite elegance in a metropolitan city = Bangkok

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