Have you ever been to Paris? If you haven't, go. You should visit this city at least once in a lifetime, because it is totally worth it, for many, many reasons.
First of all: sweets!

Oh, yeah, babe, Paris (France in general, to be honest) is sweets wonderland. Just ask for whatever it is that you want and be sure that they have it! You have a range of choice which would make Willy Wonka more than proud. From the famous croissants – made of pure butter, holy Jesus – to the super yummy “tartelettes au citron” or “au chocolat”, to the super fancy Croquembouche (Google it, you'll be surprised to find out what this is!). Les Marais is the best district in Paris to go if you want to enjoy some delicious sweets (which you can find pretty much everywhere in the neighbourhood), and take a look at the surroundings, where there are small crooked medieval lanes, full of fashionable art galleries and museums, such as the modern art museum, le Centre Pompidou. A curiosity? In February the Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson will open her popcorn shop, the Yummy Pop, with an incredible selection of popcorn flavours. Want a cinnamon roll? You can have it at Starbucks but... Seriously?

History and Art.
Do I have to mention it? Probably not. Needless to say, you have to take a look deep down the famous places that we all know! Maybe you're planning on visiting the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame de Paris or Musée d'Orsay, but don't be in a hurry, take your time until you feel the surrounding art! Stop, take a seat in front of your favorite piece and stare at it as much as you like! What a delight! The Eiffel Tower must be seen at sunset, as there is a magnificent panorama of the city of lights. If you are a fan of royalty and historical past of France, you should go to the Saint Denis Cathedral, where there are the graves of the queens and kings of France. In Paris everything is worth a visit, so just wear your best sneakers and comfortable pants and wander around! And if there's any time left, Versailles is another “must do” that should not be missing from your list. 

Les Marais is the right place to find nice and particular items. Bags, markets… everything trendy and avant-garde. Take a walk around the area and you'll certainly be happy at the end of the day. Les Champs Elysées, of course... the biggest and brightest street in Paris. Huge and always full of people, it's impossible to avoid it. So my suggestion is: go, have a look and then enjoy something different in the super cool streets of the “real” Paris. In the neighbourhood of Les Marais, you can also find the enormous centre “Les Halles”, where there are cinemas, restaurants and every international franchise shop you can think of. A touch of modernity in the very heart of Paris.
I need to write a book in order to tell you everything about Paris. I must say that Montmartre is one of the best places I have ever visited, that its atmosphere is way too perfect to be explained in just a few words on paper. I suggest you to take a look at the Parisian ladies, at their way of dressing and walking, and their beautiful faces so damned perfect with or without make up, that the streets of the city look like a permanent runway. French men are super handsome and super busy, and the Parisians are kind and gentle, but you'll see it yourselves once you get there. I could also mention the walks in my book, the ones around the beauties of this spectacular city, while reaching the Cathedral of Notre Dame in a sunny day while eating a giant – not kidding, it was huge – meringue bought in a cozy “patisserie”. The truth is that I loved every moment and every place in Paris; it's the perfect escape from a world that is far from being quiet anymore. In Paris there is still time for a relaxing moment in a cafétéria, where you can seat, relax, think, talk and enjoy life.
So what are you waiting for?


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