When it comes to photography everyone has his own concept of beauty and art. Creativity rises from the culture everyone lives in and it keeps its influences from all over the world. Pisid Whangvisarn AkA Pi8id is a fashion and fine art photographer from Bankok. 

His vision and his talent can be admired in editorial and commercial art photography. Here's what he told us about his work.

shot magazine pi8id interview 1

I know it’s a cliché and probably a lot of people already asked you this question but still, where do you get your inspiration from?
Sometimes form Art, sometimes form Mythology, sometimes from Science and form Music too.
When did you understand that photography was one thing that you wanted to do professionally?
When I was young I loved photography more than writing and I especially loved printing so when I grew up enough to have my equipment, that was the starting point to test and to try myself. Al this until I found clients and I learned how to interact with different kind of people, always mantaining my style and my direction. Then some magazines trusted me and I started to collaborate with them.
How do you prepare for a photo shoot? Do you picture in your mind the final result at the beginning, or you just let yourself to be inspired by following the flow?
I believe that everything as well as pure art need both method and emotional component to be well completed and its easier this way. Actually I have a plan for every shooting, some are soft, some are hard plans and I surely have a direction concept like for exemple, Mood & tone, Lighting, pose to make sure that everybody in my team understands and gets my same vision.
What do you think is more important to make a really great picture?
I think suitability is most important. Suitable equipment is more important than best quality camera but not flexible. Suitable models don't need too many efforts. Suitable team brings harmony in working and this makes it possible to realize a great picture.
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Talking about the `selfie movement` first, what do you think about it? And second, do you think someone can make a truly arty selfie?
Everybody tries to show themselves to the world and making selfies is one method to let it happen. Someone shows faces, some other their taste or their activities so I think we can make some truly arty selfie. They can make art picture of their faces, as well as their taste in food (for exemple) and activities too. And it depends on aesthetic and personal vision.
What is your idea of fashion and what place fashion takes in your life?
Fashion is: working on passion. Fashion is everywhere: in pictures, motion , sound, smell, objects . If you have a passion in anything , we can find fashion there.
Do you think to be a great photographer you need an innate ability or you can learn it and improve with the experience during the years?
I can’t tell about the duration of the experience. Everyday is my class day and I never finish to work and learn. I have to thank God for giving me my vision but I have to make efforts to prove myself too.
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What strategy do you need to implement to become a successful photographer in nowday fashion industry?
This is a difficult, maybe the most difficult question ever: I need to figure that out too. Today everything goes fast. Things are born and done in such a short time that we have to try to be fast enough to prove ourselves (and to others) that yes, we can do anything in time and make it great However I’m really not sure about how to actually become ‘successful’ .

Do you have any unrealized dreams? I always have. I picture an image in my mind and I go on realizing it. It happens everyday. But I can not tell you about my dreams in working ,I don’t want to make people to hate me. LOL!

Your work has already been published on fashion magazines like Elle Thailand, Marie Claire Thailand and L’Officiel, what is your next goal in fashion photography?
Nowadays I don’t have a "next goal". I just find the experience I am interested in and enjoy it with every shooting. My next goal is a collaboration with another Asian magazine such as W Korea, Numéro China.

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