When Denmark native Emma Stern Nielsen is behind the camera she brings forth a little bit of Claudia Schiffer and a little bit of Elle Macpherson, which you might say is a good combination to have going on if you have any interest in modeling.
How and where did you get discovered as a model?
I was scouted in Copenhagen by my mother agency Lemanagement when I was 21.
Were you already interested in fashion before you began modelling?
Yes I've always been interested in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Just before I got scouted I had started an education called design and business.
Who is your dream Fashion Designer to walk for in the future or fashion brand?
Dolce & Gabbana!
Which skin products do you use?
I put my skin through so many products when I'm working, so when I'm off I try not to use anything. I just try to rinse it with water and use a very natural lotion.
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Tell us about your winter make-up essentials.
I never really wear makeup on a daily basis, but in the winter my skin can get really red and dry so I use a lotion with a bit of color.
What's the best thing about being a model?
Definitely the traveling! It's such a privilege to travel the world and work with so many different people. It is something that has really pushed my personality and made me more mature. It is something I can use in any job I'll end up in in the future.
You landed in many places for work, what is the city you fell in love with? And why?
I travelled to so many beautiful and interesting places, so I can't really mention a specific one. But if there is one place in the world where I always feel the best it is Copenhagen - my hometown.
On the contrary, which one disappointed you the most? And why?
I was going to a very small and private island in the Caribbean, and it sounded so amazing, but in the end it was so small that it only fitted this private resort and the only people there were people working at the hotel. When I travel the most important thing for me is experiencing new cultures and meet local people.
Which kind of relationship do you have with social media and with the fans who follow you in internet?
Social media for me is super difficult. I always feel it's a bit difficult to post a lot of pictures of myself - I always feel super self centered. I can't think about how many people following me, then I would get so insecure and never post anything. On the other hand I think as a model, you always work with other people's creativity and ideas, so Instagram gives you chance to show who you really are and what is behind the pictures you see in magazines and campaigns.
You worked along with Ellen von Unwerth, director and photographer who works in the field of feminine eroticism. Describe her in 3 words. 
Inspiring, Playful, Different.
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Emma Nielsen Stern Interview Shot Magazine
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