Men want her, women wish to be like her. She is sexy, voluptuous, desirable and beautiful. We all know her for the role in Baywatch, the 90s tv cult. For the Playboy covers, the acting and modeling. Her artistic nickname comes from Prince, her biggest dream, Broadway.

She played in a number of blockbuster movies, she launched a perfume and she rules the art of Burlesque. Carmen Electra is this and much more. 

Hello Carmen, it's a huge pleasure to have you here, for SHOT magazine.
Thank you! My pleasure.

What was your biggest dream when you were a little girl?
As a child I was very shy but loved to express myself through movement. I dreamt of being a professional dancer or a bad-ass drummer in an all-girl band.

A quick eye on your acting career: can you tell us about the most beautiful moment you remember?
When I was shooting Cheaper by the Dozen 2, I had the most beautiful time shooting in Toronto during the summer with Adam Shankman, Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and all the children. It was a fun and uplifting time.
Carmen, you worked as a model. What do you think about this never ending discussion about the "too skinny" standards required to models in order to get the job?
I see fashion as an art and I respect the designers' vision. With that being said, I'm super happy and proud that curvy women have pushed the boundaries and made a change. Curves are in. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
How was it to film Baywatch? In Europe we look at it like a real cult classic.
When I joined the cast of Baywatch, it was already the number one show around the world. My life changed overnight. I was excited and nervous but really grateful to be part of a show that I also believe is a cult classic.
You have lived in showbiz since... forever. And you saw the transition between the tv and the internet era. What do you think it's going to change in communication and entertainment in the years to come?
I remember a time in entertainment when things were a little more private. There was more left to the imagination. The internet can work for you or against you. I like to look at the positive aspects. YouTube and social media allow people to have a platform to showcase their talent. I also love social media as a way to communicate and share with my followers.
In your opinion, what shouldn't be missing in a woman's closet in order to be sexy?
In order to be sexy, a woman's closet should never be missing an over-the-knee high heel boot, a playful whip and sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur.
The art of Burlesque is entertaining and fascinating, how does it feel to perform as a burlesque star? And what is Burlesque for you?
When I first started with The Pussycat Dolls, it was a combination of Burlesque, Strip Tease and Cabaret. I brought my own style of dance, which was a little more aggressive and rock & roll. When I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with Crazy Horse Paris, I learned more about the art. I worked long hours to perfect the moves and keep up with the hot girls from Paris.
Speaking of "in" and "out" in fashion over the years, what was the baddest thing you ever saw people to wear? And the best one? Dunno, like the glitters and hairdo's in the 80s, things like that!
The hair styles of the 80s were the worst! Especially permed hair with Aqua Net sprayed high bangs. I would have loved to be part of the Studio 54 scene in the 70s. Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones and Andy Warhol with his muse Edie Sedgwick and his Factory Girls. That was a great time for fashion, music and art.
Tell us about your new perfume line “Carmen Electra”. How would you describe the scent?
My perfume is a sexy, playful fragrance. It's a combination of juicy mandarin, peach nectar, wild blackberry and a bed of gardenia petals along with jasmine and tiger orchid. I was part of the whole process from the beginning. The bottle turned out exactly how I wanted. I'm so excited to share my scent, "Carmen Electra" with all the Sexy Kittens out there!
You also have a new line of Carmen Electra lubricant. Why lubricant and how is it special?
I teamed up with Flashlight to create "Electra" Lube. It's special lube that is PH balanced for women's health.

Describe yourself in one single word...

Carmen Electra Shot magazine interview