Viki Odintcova, the new beauty from the cold Russia. She is ready to kill the fashion world with her perfect figure and beautiful face. She has more than 2.4 Million followers on IG and her pictures are breathtaking. Do you want to meet her? Be our guest...

21 years of age, a stunning figure, a bright career in front of you. But tell us, how was your childhood and how did you begin modelling.
At the age of 17 my brother took me to a modeling agency. While studying at the university I went to the shoots and fashion shows just for entertainment. 3 years later, thanks to a meeting with Alexander Mavrin - a talented and famous photographer, producer and founder of Mavrin Studios - i started doing shoots again and taking this more seriously. Together with him I will become known throughout the world
Did you expect the massive success you are having right now?
I do not think that I have achieved great success. I am still growing and climbing that very high mountain I call success.

Are these rumors of an affair with F1 pilot Fernando Alonso true? No, I wasn't romantically involved with Fernando Alonso. I wasn't acquainted with him and didn't know him even before all the rumors in mass media. This is still a mystery to me as to how these rumors started.

The outfit which better represents your personality is?
Sometimes you can see me in sneakers, jeans and a leather jacket. On the rare occasion I have heels and dresses on, I love to wear clothes that show off my curves. I am not shy of my own sexuality. The clothes make me feel sexy.

Describe one of your "off set" day.
Each day is different. I meet with friends, play sports, read, and learn English. I always find something to do and spend my time productively.
Which are your beauty secrets?
From workouts to make up through skin care: what do you suggest to the ladies who read us? I work out 3-4 times a week and try to eat healthy food. During my trips I try to stick to my schedule and regime. It is very difficult sometimes due to the frequent flights. I find myself getting away from the schedule because it is hard to recover after each trip. Overall, I know it is important for me to stay disciplined and not get lazy.
Who is the photographer you admire the most and why.
At the moment, I work mainly with Alexander Mavrin because I like his work. I do dream of working with such legendary photographers as Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh.
Do you have any pets?
Yes. I love it, I have 2 dogs and they live with my parents.
You traveled a lot, among the places you visited, which one you liked the most and why.
I like Europe very much, but I am madly in love with the ocean. While in Europe I enjoyed Barcelona and Rome. If I were to choose an island it would most definitely be Bali.

Tell us about your beliefs.
I have one main belief I try to live by. It is that our thoughts can become a reality. This can happen very quickly. I do believe that dreams do come true.
Who is your "type"?
Idealistically, I do not have a certain type of man in mind, but I know exactly what he should be: kind, smart and have a sense of humor.
Speaking of men, do you prefer to be the prize or the predator?
Interesting question. Just like men there are so many different situations in life. If I have to choose I would prefer to be the prize. Life is full of surprises, but in the end I prefer to be the prize.

Your life has been constantly exposed on social networks, but I don't think you could say we know the “true” Viki. For example, are you a romantic person? How would you define love?
Yes, I am romantic. I love surprises, to watch drama movies and walk in the rain. There are a lot of pleasant and romantic moments and each of them is special to me. I can talk a lot about love, but to speak shortly: it is infinity care and respect. I like educated, strong and intelligent men.

What is your biggest, unfulfilled sexual fantasy?
Life is too short to avoid realizing all your fantasies.

Have you ever had plastic surgery?
No, I have never done operations.

Did you gain a lot of money with your career of model?
I think that talking about my financial situation is not quite fair. I do the job that I love, and it brings me pleasure.
Who is your favourite singer?
My musical taste is varied, and I don't like to show preferences to one or another. I appreciate many good and talented artists.

Have you ever used drugs?
I never tried, and have categorical attitude towards this. I think drugs are used by very unhappy people, and I am sad that they can't find other ways to happiness.
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