Pino Gomes He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 25 1974. Lived part of his adult life in Zurich, Switzerland and currently is based in NYC. 
Former actor and make-up artist in 1994 he found inspiration to pursue photography.

Pino Gomes and his unique style made him one of the most respected and appreciated photographers on international level, thanks to a focus suitable to capture the sexual personality of each person and the reality of a given moment. Working with Paul Marciano on the development of an imagery for GC watches, he is under assignment with the company of the iconic art-director, traveling around to capture moments of smart luxury from personalities all over the globe.

Let’s immerse into his world but not before quoting his philosophy: ‘’Life is a journey and one should make the most of every opportunity so as to live each moment to the full’’.

Let’s begin with the present: what is the project you are working on?
I am working in a project called Smart Luxury Moments by GC watches, that basically is a series of exhibitions around the major cities in the world. Coordinated by Paul Marciano, art director from GUESS and GC watches, I am capturing images of upcoming artists doing what they most love in life. The images will feature the international adds for the Swiss made luxury brand and become part of a coffee table art book to be launched next year.

And now let’s do a few steps back. You began your career as an actor, as a make-up artist; and today how do you feel to be a photographer?
To clarify, I have been always a photographer. My first camera, I have got with ten years old and since than I was the one with camera on hands clicking everyone around me. For a while I tried acting and I was professionally working as a make-up artist too. But in a certain moment the photography took over my life and now that's what I make for living. And definitely I believe I have made the right choice.

You are born for the art of photography, but what do you think about the future? Will there any possibility for you to explore new worlds?
"I am at the moment 100% committed with photography and currently GC Smart Luxury keep me busy. But the world of motion pictures always fascinated me. Become a film director is a dream. Perhaps this is the natural way of us photographers to go towards the future."

Your female figure is very important in your works, sometimes she is dominant, she is a leader. But does she represent the woman of our days?
My beloved grandmother, my aunt and my mother are very important women in my life and they are strong female characters. I would say my inspiration, unwittingly might come from the perception I have got of those women's attitudes. And obviously, the nowadays women are in a much better position in the society, in therms of achievements than it was in the past. For instance, we might highlight that Brazil's current president is a woman.

Where does one search for the human soul?
H-I-M, capital letters. The unique source of happiness and balance. Without faith we are not going anywhere.

When you choose the background for your photos what do you base it on?
Each situation is different. In general, fashion shootings are based in women or men dreaming about a world where they would envision themselves, the background would follow that. For the documentary images of GC Smart Luxury, I would go with the flow and try to understand the environment of the personality I am working with at the moment, for example, in Dubai, I was shooting a show jumper with his horse in a Haras in the middle of the desert, in Russia a Sambo master (Russian martial arts) in the National School of Sambo in Moscow and for instance in Thailand I was shooting a ballet dancer in his own private theater. I don't think I choose backgrounds, but the backgrounds choose the photography.

Do you hope to find something more in your journey of life? And what?
I feel very blessed with what I have got until this point. And I am sure whatever it would come, it will be divine intervention. But personally, I would love to see my son and all children from my family growing health adults and pursuing their dreams.

Give some advices for those who is at the start on the road to the photography and to the other kind of art.
Everything is hard at the begin. If you want to succeed you need to make efforts. Photography is a beautiful thing to do and one can have a lot of fun doing it, but it is not an easy profession as it seems to be. I have been working with all kind of artists everywhere and all of them have the same vision as I do, you need to believe. Patience, Eternal research, courage to dare, Sharpness to decide... Talent is not enough, you will also need faith and hard work.

Pino, SHOT magazine thanks you for having given our readers the opportunity to follow your career and personal path. Good luck for the journey. We say cordially good bye and hope to have another chance to meet you.
Thank you.

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