"Hi guys. Thank you for the invitation. I appreciate it. I was born in Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil. I started modeling after participating in a competition on TV called “Menina Fantástica”. I did not win the competition. Anyways, the competition changed my life. I moved to Sao Paulo and everything started to happen. I started to work around the World and now I signed with Wilhelmina Models in Miami."

Do you consider the photography also a vehicle to communicate with people?
A photo is a brilliant communication media. With it, you can tell stories, sell products and change people’s opinions. It is much more powerful than words. As the saying “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”.

How important is the erotic in photograph?
The purpose of the erotic art is to create attention and chock. It can work in beer commercial, but not in the fashion industry.

Which of your job experiences do you personally find particularly important? And Why
I consider each job as a step on my way to my goal. If I should mention one, it has to be Pioneer in Brazil. It was a great brand and greatly exposed in Brazil. Furthermore, as it was, amongst others, a TV commercial, it woke my interest for acting too.

Your expression is incredible. You can represent any kind of mood. Could you describe how is born the idea of the set with the “facial expressions” made by photographer David Benoliel?
It was David’s idea. I just played along. David and I work great together.

Who is Ana in her everyday life?
Funny question. I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t really have a routine. What is important to me in my everyday life is to treat my body and brain well. It is really important for me that I get my double espresso at Starbucks every single day. I live walking distance from 4 starbucks, and I love that. I live right next to an outdoor shopping street in South Beach in Miami where I love to walk and enjoy the atmosphere.

Are you satisfied with her achievements?
No, not yet. I strive for perfection and am working every single day to get there. It is important to me to continuously improve myself. I have done well, but am still missing some steps to get to the best in class.

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