Perini Navi is an Italian luxury yacht brand with a worldwide reputation for excellence. It was born out of a dream that came to life thanks to the simple intuition and ingenuity of its founder, Fabio Perini.

A lover of the sea since childhood, the entrepreneur (originally from Lucca in Tuscany) had an idea: to design and build a large-scale sailing yacht that could be operated by one person. Yachts like this didn’t exist at the time; Perini created them by founding Perini Navi which has become the leading brand in the industry. Over the years, Perini Navi has acquired other brands with similar values. Today it is the only company to simultaneously produce megasailers and motor yachts, thanks to the merger with Picchiotti, another well-known Italian nautical company. In May 2017, Lamberto Tacoli, President of Nautica Italiana, joined Perini Navi as Chairman and CEO. We had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Lamberto Tacoli, who was so kind as to speak to us about his new venture as the head of this top Italian brand which has become synonymous with excellence and quality.

Interview with Lamberto Tacoli President And C.E.O. Of Perini Navi

Innovation and appreciation of your field are only some of the guidelines behind the success of Perini Navi. How would you define the company’s philosophy?
Keeping in mind that I’ve just started with the company, I can mostly speak to what I have perceived throughout my many years in this industry: Perini Navi is one of the top companies in Italy and the world in this field. There is a brilliance behind Perini Navi belonging to Fabio Perini, who had the remarkable idea to revolutionize the sailing world, making it technologically modern – I am referring to the work done on the sails and masts making the yachts extremely comfortable, giving vast amounts of space on board to those who love sailing, for both sport and travel. I just came back from America’s Cup where there were five Perini Navi crafts; there I had the possibility to sail on the Maltese Falcon which is without a doubt a technological and aesthetic wonder, which captures the essence of my entire answer.
How long does it take for a craft to be finished and what is the construction process of a superyacht?
First, I would like to say that the brand Picchiotti is also a part of Perini Navi. So we produce both high-end sailing and quality motor yachts. A superyacht, whether powered by sail or engine, after the planning phase and once the concept is finalized, depending on the size - for example, sixty meters, which is the size of the next boat to be unveiled in Montecarlo, a new design by Perini Navi- takes about 30-34 months. All this depends on the techniques used and characteristics requested by the client.
About large-scale motor and sailing yachts… You are the only company to simultaneously manufacture these two types of vessels, simultaneously. How were you able to balance both branches without compromising your standards for quality and excellence?
You’re right, they may be the most award-winning crafts in the world, and have been for decades. I will try to simplify, because I think, in general, simplifying things helps one to both understand them and make them better. Essentially, a motor yacht has volumes, it is a sailboat without sails or masts, with a bigger engine. So, we must make things as well as possible, for sailing yachts and for motor yachts, always paying careful attention to the pursuit of quality and the satisfaction of the client, which is also our own satisfaction. Indeed, I believe the secret isn’t simply working towards satisfying the customer, but being personally satisfied by the work you are doing, mesmerized by it.
What materials do you use for the building of your yachts?
Aluminum. Almost all of our sailing yachts are built using this material. For the motor yachts, they can either be aluminum – for performance reasons and to maintain a certain weight – as well as steel/aluminum, which is the traditional system for the construction of displacement motor yachts over certain dimensions.
Recently Perini Navi, through the holding company, Faper Group, closed a partnership with Fenix Srl from the Tabacchi family. What goals do you have for the promising future of this partnership?
I am very happy because this commercial agreement is exclusively Italian: a big Italian brand of a big Italian family – that of Fabio Perini – and another big Italian family – that of Dino Tabacchi and sons, Edoardo and Emanuele – and me, Italian of course. We’ve finalized a partnership that points straight to the future. Personally, I have dedicated twenty-one years to Ferretti; I have represented navigation for many years now and every year I fall more and more in love with this industry. Now, I hope to dedicate just as many years of work to Perini and Picchiotti. What we hope for with this partnership is to reinvigorate Fabio Perini’s company with a like-minded partner, who will continue on the established course of investment and innovation, with the goal to keep the brands Perini Navi and Picchiotti where they are meant to be – as you just said a little bit ago – at the top of this industry, among the world’s best, with a product that undoubtedly distinguishes itself from all others.
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