Helidon Xhixha ( B.1970), is an established contemporary artist who holds a prestigious role in the international contemporary art scene. His innovative vision and technique have been delivered through his monumental public art installations, where he redefines the relationship between a sculpture and its environment. 

Helidon Xhixha is renowned for his many achievements and distinctive style which has generated worldwide recognition from critics in numerous countries. Xhixha holds an impressive portfolio of monumental installations permanently placed in significant locations around the world.

Over the last two years, Xhixha has tapped into the art scene of the UAE, placing monumental sculptures in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, whilst working on other international projects across the globe, in collaboration with Firetti Contemporary. 

In July 2021, Helidon Xhixha in collaboration with SHOT Magazine and Firetti Contemporary participated in a solo open-air exhibition titled Trails of Light. The exhibition was set within the stunning scenery of Costa Smeralda, a well renowned Italian seaside resort in Northern Sardinia. Through a display of 7 sculptures, Xhixha emphasized the importance of light as the main source of energy for all living organisms and the global ecosystem. Only with enough light is growth and life possible, being understood as the power of vitality and the fundamental source of life.

In August 2021, Firetti Contemporary in collaboration with Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE), a world-class residential golf destination offering luxury homes and leisure facilities amidst two internationally-acclaimed championship golf courses, launched the continuance of IMPRINT, a solo exhibition of  Helidon Xhixha held by Firetti Contemporary in March 2021. The installation of two monumental sculptures entitled ICEBERG and EARTH were placed within the JGE community, standing as an astounding manifesto in support of the awareness of Global Warming and the melting of polar glaciers, embracing the message behind IMPRINT. The collaboration and launch of this project was inaugurated under the patronage of Dr. Saeed Mubarak Kharbash Al Marri, CEO of Dubai Culture and Art Authority, for IMPRINT: Art for Public Spaces. 

In December 2021, for the 50th Anniversary of the UAE, Xhixha’s monumental sculpture Pillar of Fortitude had been placed at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA). The sculpture is dedicated to the glorious celebration to mark the 50th National Day Anniversary as the nation commemorates its milestone Golden Jubilee. The sculpture measures 7 meters in height alluding to the numeric 1, representing the 7 Emirates of the UAE, standing tall and united, soaring upwards into the sky, towards a prosperous, limitless future. To further commemorate the anniversary of the UAE, The Triad by Xhixha was placed at The W, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the only hotel in the world to be located atop a Grand Prix racetrack.

In conjunction with the launch of Art Dubai, Xhixha participated in a sculpture park launched by DIFC titled A Harmony of Different Voices. The launch of the Sculpture Park presented viewers with 62 Awe-inspiring Artworks by Various artists and galleries from all over the world. The exhibition is ongoing till October 2022. For this occasion, Xhixha presents two monumental Eclisse D'accaio and The Moon. 

Firetti Contemporary strives to continue to work on public art projects alongside Helidon Xhixha and is proud to announce the 2022 edition of Trails of Light taking place from July to September in Costa Smeralda, Italy.


Courtesy of Firetti Contemporary