She was born in Lourdes September 17, 1990, but now she lives in Paris. Her name is Pauline Moulettes, passionate and determined model, which is interested in fashion and editorial.

Many experiences in the field of photography: Editorials, Publications Magazines, Campaigns, Advertising, Lookbook, Web, Catalogues. It is open to the most creative photo, video, and the extra work. His favorite quote is: "Never let anyone tell you that you are not able."

Hello Pauline and welcome to SHOT magazine.

How did you start working as a model?
I lived in a small mountain village and I have always been passionate about fashion photography, so I decided to go try my luck in modeling. I built in Toulouse, and I started to several shoots to form a book which I then presented agency. But as I always put the bar very high, I wanted to change, so I'm up to Paris, where I started to make a trade, since now 10 months.

Reminded yourself how you felt during your first photo shoot?
It was a studio session in Bordeaux. After hair and makeup, I do not recognize myself, I told myself that I was someone else, I had to play a role.
A few years later I still have another face on spa shootings, and that's what I like, you can play a different role every day and go home at night and become myself again."

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You're not a native of Paris, but now you live there. How the world lives the Paris fashion, in your opinion?
Actually I lived in a very different place in Paris, and I've of me adapt very quickly to this new life.
I arrived I did not know anyone, but the next day I started to work, and I stop me. This is a unique environment, with a lot of competition, it must find its place, and fight to keep it.

I read that you're a determined girl. Despite your young age, you managed to achieve your goals?
I have every day new goals, and yet I still managed to do what I wanted, obviously you have to work for it, and meet the right people, you get something for nothing. I work every day and do not have time for anything else, but it is a choice, a consecration.

After the cover and the service mode on the magazine "Le Fèminin", you received more professional opportunity?
If all goes well, a job brings me another.

You've done a lot of fashion shoots. Personally, I liked a lot in these pictures. This is the photographic style the List?
I do a lot of pictures of lingerie, but it is true that the style I prefer is the fashion editorials, when there is a real styling, and the team brings his personal touch. Should find a team that is inspired by the theme, and when everyone gives his opinion, and that happens to agree, it gives great pictures.

What do you think of "nude art"?
Sometimes I lay naked, but I took the time to choose the photographer based on his work, one that will transmit without vulgarity picture what my body wants to express. This is why I refuse a lot of shootings naked, he really have to hang on the photographer's work, it is important to keep the image we want to give, just a bad angle for the picture loses its meaning.

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Do you want to tell us what are your future projects?
I intend to continue my modeling career to the end, and why not continue in the fashion world as a photo stylist for example, but to be honest, I live from day to day, I refuse to think about tomorrow, so that I can follow my dreams and be happy, I do not ask for more.

Pauline, that is you in your private life?
I am a sincere and natural, attracted by the simplicity of life, luxury does not interest me.

Shares with us one of your strengths and one of your bad.
I think my strong point is to keep their heads on their shoulders, it allows me to move forward while remaining suspicious without being blinded by the promises. My weakness is to be so passionate that I do not take time to live next to it.

Thank you Pauline for coming to visit us. Goodbye at the next opportunity.
Thanks to you soon.

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